Monday, November 30, 2009

Cannot Boot to Ubuntu After Install Windows.

Yes. this is what happen to me  after i install windows 7 in my lappy.

if we install windows after Linux, windows will destroyed the bootloader. so that, we cant boot to Linux.

poor Bill Gates. Windows tend to assume that it's the only OS anyone will ever run on a PC.

im looking for solution in google and forum. but its a bit complicated to me since im still newbie in Linux.

so, i reinstall my Ubuntu. now the problem is solved. after that, i tried googling around again, and now i found software called EasyBCD. i get this software from here. 

after try out this software, i found out that this software can  create bootloader for windows that detect Linux partition. poor me.... :(

so, if you wanna dual-booting windows and Linux, make sure you install Windows first!


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Anonymous said...

oooiiihh..jd blogger deh demo lonieh xoyak pun kiter.bagus2 go ahead..jeritan hati berentak roooooock..yeeehaa!!